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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Little Zac is dying

detention for 5 days

no hnet


Monday, August 20, 2007

7:50PM - I'm not a fanclub member anymore

even though I paid my $40.

whats with that Hanson?

Friday, August 17, 2007

10:59PM - "stars are only nightlights put in place of the morning sun"

because you guys all really want to know how the rest of the will go for me (well, the good stuff atleast)

Sept 10-Hanson
Sept 13-Augustana (and Gym Class Heroes, but who cares about them?)
Oct 7-13-Fall Break!
Oct 29-Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (whoo-hoo! free show)
Nov 18 or 19-Celias coming to visit me for Thanksgiving
Nov 20-The Rocket Summer
Dec 23-Jan1-Winter Break

whoo-hoo.  yay for pointless entries. 

so, does anyone besides Michey even read this?


ok, the rest of the year didn't exactly go like that.  it was more like

Sept 10-Hanson
Oct 11-Bain Mattox
Oct 30-Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
Nov 17-21-Celia came to visit
Nov 20-The Rocket Summer
Dec 10-Modern Skirts

and...now I'm on my winter break and about to take a 15 hour trip to NY tomorrow.  fun.

I'm slightly upset that I didn't see Augustana and I didn't get to go to Stephen Kellogg's free in store, but I guess I can't complain since I saw them the next day

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

9:48PM - This the WORST Hanson tour ever

ok, first I was gonna go to Louisville, and I was all excited, but then I look on the stupid venue's site and the show is freakin 18+. so I call the venue (since most normal venues will let me in if I'm with my mom)  and they won't let me in.

ok, so then I was looking for alternatives (Knoxville or Atlanta) and my mom said she'd take me if one of them was on a weekend.  But does Hanson do shows on weekends?  NO!

and now, what do you know? they're playing in Nashville!  you would think thats great right?  but...no!  the stupid venue is all ages before 10pm and concerts there are 18+!   and they won't answer their phone so I can't like beg the manager to let me in.

so basically, I hate being 17.

I love Hanson!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

5:11PM - superheroes

    Should Batman be considered superhero?  I mean, the guy can't even fly.  All he does is where some nifty little cape with bat ears and has a catchy theme song.  I mean, yeah hes saved a few lives and all and defeated some bad guys, but that was with the help of gadgets and stuff.  So maybe we should call him a hero since theres nothing super about him.   Also, why does everyone just care about Batman? I mean Robin is obviously the star of the show.  Without him Batman would just be some lame guy in a cape.

     On another note, (thats a cool expression) I think I need a new ipod.  I don't know if Little Zac will make it to his third birthday. (Little Zac is my ipod by the way.  yes I named my ipod. why wouldn't I? hes like my pet.)  His battery lasts for like 3 hours.  *tear* he used to be able to make it through a 15 hour car ride with no problems.  HOW WILL I MAKE IT TO NY THIS WINTER?  Maybe I should get a new ipod.  an ipod video. that could be nifty.  I'll name him Zac the 2nd.  Zac II.  but then what would his nickname be?  (Zac is my ipod's real name, Little Zac is his nickname since hes a nano)  Big Zac?  that doesn't even sound cute.  Maybe my new ipod should have a completely different name.  like....Steven.  actually, Stephen was the name of my pet fish, and he died, so I don't think I would want an ipod to have that name.  idk. maybe when I actually go out and buy this ipod I'll look at it and a name will come to me. 
    Which brings me to another point.  I think its weird when people are pregnant and they already decide their kid's name.  I mean, you don't know anything about this kid.  Like...the kid isn't even born yet.  I mean wait for the child to be born, look at it and see what kinda name he looks like.  Like all these people have names that just don't suit them.  Like me.  Jennifer????  yeah, thats what I get for having a mom whose name is Jenny and always wished her name was Jennifer.  I mean, its such a boring name.  Like theres 97.4 million girls named Jennifer.  Or maybe its such a cool awesome name so everyone decided to name their kid Jennifer.  yeah, I think thats it. 

So heres my random story of the day.  on saturday I went to Barnes and Noble because I needed to get a copy of The Grapes of Wrath (600+ page book that I have to read by monday. I'm on page 15.) so then I figured why don't I just g to TJ  Maxx  (Max?)  since its right next door.  (I like never shop in there. ever.  but there was nothing else to do) so I was just walking around being bored when this guy comes up to me and hes like "hey, were you at the Bain Mattox show in Nashville?"  so I was like "yeah" and he was all "yeah, I saw you there.  and do you go to Holy Spirit Catholic Church?"  "yeah"  "yeah, because I always see you there and I recognized you from the show so I thought I'd come say hi"  and then we just kinda talked about Bain Mattox and Modern Skirts.
it was so weird, because Bain Mattox and Modern Skirts are local Georgia bands, then some dude that lives in my small little town in Kentucky, goes to my church, and goes to TJ Maxx when I do just happened to be at the show in another state an hour away from me.

weird huh?  so then on sunday I was looking for him at church but I didn't see him. lol.

and that was really long.  yay for you if you actually read it.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

6:46PM - Michey inspired me to actually use my livejournal

kinda reminds me of xanga (aww, I miss that place)

anyway, nothing interesting going on here.  school sucks, but I just got tickets to see The Rocket Summer, so I'm excited.  Ok, somehow it took me 7 tries before Firefox said I spelled "interesting" right.  haha.  anyway I don't have anything else to write.


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Thursday, March 16, 2006

8:37PM - hmm....

lj is kinda.....weird

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